This Week's Discoveries

This week we've been falling in love with squidgy looking sculptures, colourful photography and handblown glasses...

Malfatti Glass

Malfatti, Italian for badly made or misshapen, is the name of the glass project of the creative team behind Ten Willow Studio. Each malfatti is uniquely shaped, as a result of being made in a flame using only hand tools and the breath of the artisan.


Camilla Engström



We love the work of Swedish artist Camilla Engström! She explores autobiographical topics through humour, bizarre realities, and figurative expression. In a lot of her work we meet Husa, the confident, gender-bending amorphous character usually found naked (basically all the things we like)! 


Alphabet Aerobics

These squidgy, almost toothpaste-looking sculptures from Anton Alvarez are just a dream.  We are also a big fan of his other works too, like the Inflatable Sauna


Agnes Lloyd Platt

Agnes Lloyd-Platt is a London based photographer, focusing on colour and positivity on every spectrum. We want to live in her Instagram