The Best Things to do in London this Valentine’s Weekend

Whether you're an old romantic or would rather avoid all the pink, fluffy stuff, we’ve outlined how you could spend your 11th-14th February in the big city.

Here are six ways you can fill your Valentine's weekend with good food, good vibes and good company - even if it is your own!

Members of the W&M team dressed up for Valentine's Day 2022

Happy Valentine's Day from the W&M team!

For the Couple: A Trip to Costa Rica (via Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew)

If you’re going on an extravagant couples retreat isn’t in the cards for you this year, the best option is looking for something just as good (and tropical) closer to home, and the newest instalment at Kew Gardens might just be the ticket.

The Orchids display opened on the 5th Feb, with the rich and colourful flora and fauna perfectly suits this romantic time of year. Showcasing the wonderful biodiversity of Costa Rica, you can stroll around the Princess of Wales Conservatory and take in nature's beauty (as well as each other’s).

Top tip! The central floral display is great wedding flower inspiration. Take a photo for your pinterest board.

If you’re not able to get a weekend *actually* to yourselves, a kid friendly day out is what you need, but it must to be something where you can get some rest bite (even if this is a fleeting moment). This weekend, the Southbank Centre is hosting a festival specifically for kids and teens, in line with February half term (from the 9th-20th).

Full of events, shows and workshops for the whole family (with the majority of events being free), this is a great way to keep the little ones entertained and have a moment to yourself too.

Highlights include Peppa Pig for the babies, Jaqueline Wilson for the teens, and as you’ll be on the Southbank, a cocktail for the parents before you head home is a must.

For the Singleton: A Lunch Date with Yourself

We can all agree that the biggest hassle on Valentine’s Day is trying to book a table for dinner. Whether you’re in the middle of nowhere or the centre of the city, there’s always that person who gets the last table at your favourite restaurant before you can say “table for two”.

But in this case, we’re dining for one, and abandoning dinner altogether. Take your book, headphones, journal or simply enjoy your own silent company on a solo dining trip for lunch instead.

Not only will you avoid the busiest times and get a guaranteed table* you won’t have to watch that couple in the booth next to you get engaged. Plus, there’s no sharing your meal or splitting a dessert. A win-win-win situation in our books. We’ve listed some of our favourite cosy London brunch spots below:

*Don’t hold us to that!

For Celebrating with Friends: A Classic Dinner Party

This year, Valentine’s is on the Monday, so you may not want to be planning an extravagant ‘do or having to travel across the city for a mediocre meal. Once you finish your work day, you'll want to easily transition yourself into your evening.

Our recommendation - agree to host a dinner party. While hosting may seem daunting, there are actually some great perks of being the Nigella of the group. Here are our tips for hosting a very un-stressful dinner party.

1. Order in (kind of)

Since lockdown 1.0, we’ve been loving meal kits. You can order from so many great restaurants around the city and get all the ingredients sent straight to your door for you to assemble and enjoy. Here’s a few of our recent favourites:

2. Ask your guests to bring the wine

Take the pressure (and costs) off you and get your guests to bring wine and dessert. Tell them what the main dish is and let them organise the rest!

3. Find a ready-made playlist

The internet is a wonderful thing. If you don’t have the time or energy to curate your perfect dinner playlist, you can easily find one that’ll do the job on any streaming platform.

4. Easily dress your table

No runner or centerpieces? Just grab what you have. Houseplants (the ones that are still alive and kicking), the candles from around the bath, your most nondescript Christmas decorations. Just make it festive!

5. Be cute & comfy

You don't need a whole new outfit to look and feel put togther. Keep on your comfies and just pop on your best pearls (or hoops, or studs, or headpiece) and instantly feel fabulous.

For the Anti-Valentine's: A ‘Super Bowl Sunday’ Party from Your Sofa

If you’re the type who would rather avoid the year’s mushiest holiday altogether, we recommend throwing yourself into something completely left-field (see what we did there)?

If you’re anywhere outside the US, you may have missed that this weekend is Super Bowl Sunday, the biggest annual sports event there is, so why not get involved?

Just like those US sit-coms, a Super Bowl party might be the way to beat the Valentine’s Day blues and take your mind off romance. Put on your sportiest outfit, prepare some snacks (we recommend some American classics like nachos or hotdogs to get the full effect) and get yourself situated on the sofa.

It's a long game, but you do get a musical show at half-time!

Gifts are for life, not just for Valentine’s Day.

If you’re the type of person who treats their loved ones all year round, the 14th might not stand out to you as an important date in the calander. A few little gifts throughout the year can be just as special, as well as being more affordable.

If you’re on the look out for treats you can stash away and give at a moments notice, head to the Zero Emissions Arts Market in Hammersmith. There will be local sellers there with everything from art and crafts to clothing and accessories.

To be in line with the whole zero-emissions thing, try to walk or cycle there!