Offsetting our Carbon Emissions with Ecologi

We’re all about making W&M as sustainable as possible. Whether that’s within the production of our jewellery or our office waste, we’re always looking for ways that we can be kinder to our planet.

That’s why we’ve partnered with the wonderful people at Ecologi to tackle our carbon emissions.

About Ecologi

Ecologi, founded in Bristol, are an environmental conservation organisation helping people and businesses tackle the global climate emergency, by funding reforestation and reducing carbon emissions.

In addition, Ecologi supports incredible environmental projects. Everything from setting up solar and wind energy in India, Turkey and Indonesia to water conservation in Malawi.

How they're helping us, help the Earth

Working with communities around the globe, Ecologi has allowed us to offset each of Wolf & Moon’s staff member’s average carbon emissions (and there’s 20 of us!) in addition to being able to donate a tree each time someone purchases from our website!

Their commitment to transparency allows us to see exactly where our money is going and how we’re helping communities directly impacted. As of one month in, we’ve saved 23.34 tonnes of carbon, which is equivalent to 18 long haul flights!

From now on, for each order made from Wolf & Moon will mean a new tree planted! Keep up to date with our progress here.

For more information on Ecologi, visit their website at