How To: Give Your Jewellery a Spring Clean

As we enter a new year, there’s always talk of fresh starts and new beginnings, and who doesn’t love a good reset? And whilst everyone’s spring cleaning their houses, another good place to start is giving your jewellery some TLC.

Cleaning and organisation is a great way to rediscover pieces that may not be in your everyday rotation, as well as making sure everything is spick and span, ready to be worn.

Below are some of our simple tips to help you keep your jewellery looking brand new.

Hoop & Pendants

If you’ve purchased with us recently, you may have noticed that we’ve sent your hoops and pendants unassembled. This is because we've upgraded our hoops to be gold filled (previously gold plated) which means that they have a thicker layer of gold so will tarnish less and last longer. They are also slightly thinner, meaning they are a little more delicate.

That's why we recommend storing pendants off their hoops, especially when travelling. Be sure to also store them away flat, for less of a risk of the hoops bending, and in a pouch or jewellery bag, so you don't loose either component!


We use mirrored brass in our jewellery, which has a gorgeously shiny surface. Over time, it may develop a patina, however it's easy to polish up with a simple clean that takes less than 5 minutes.

Following the manufacturer's instructions and using a soft cloth, apply a small amount of household metal cleaner to the surface of the brass, and polish in the direction of the grain. Make sure you have wiped away all excess polish, and voila! Your brass should be as good as new.

We created a handy video to show you exactly how we polish our brass pieces. Give it a watch below.

Sterling Silver

In time, sterling silver can also tarnish and become dull, which is something you don’t want. Moisture, oils and sunlight can all have damaging effects on the metal’s appearance, so it’s best to keep your jewellery in a dry, covered place when not in use.

A few tips on polishing up your silverware include a simple soap and water concoction;

Soak your jewellery for about 10 minutes in warm water with a little washing up liquid, rinse with cold water, and allow to dry. Once dry, give it a once-over with a soft cloth.

We’d also recommend a silver dip if your hoops or chains need a little extra love - 'Goddards' Jewellery Cleaner' is great. Follow the manufacturer's instructions and always remember to remove wooden, acrylic or mother of pearl pendants before cleaning.

All Jewellery

To keep all your W&M pieces in great condition, try not to use any body lotions, SPFs, soaps or perfume after putting on your jewellery and always remove when sleeping, showering and exercising.

We recommend storing jewellery in the pouch or box that they come in, to help avoid them getting dusty or smudged! If they do, simply wipe with a soft cloth and they'll be just like new!

Because we know that jewellery is delicate and can tarnish over time, we offer repairs and replacements. This way you can keep your jewellery in top condition for years to come. If you need a repair, don’t hesitate to get in touch.