A Weekend in Falmouth

Our Studio Manager Robyn went to Falmouth last weekend, and found some lovely places she'd like to share with you. Check out three of her Falmouth Favourites below!

Botanical Atelier

Botanical Atelier is a lovely shop/gallery space, with a selection of carefully curated objects, including interesting reads, art materials and stock from local creatives. I really enjoyed their botanical illustrations and plant books.

Vintage Warehouse 13

This is a super cute vintage shop just by the sea. It's nicely curated, with lots of French workwear. I bought a nice boilersuit which I have been wanting for ages!


Images via Toro

Toro is a dreamy plant shop, with lots of beautiful pots and lovely plants. I was lucky enough to discover air plants in here, which is something that has miraculously passed me by!

On our way back to London, exhausted after a great weekend...