7 Fruit-Inspired Travel Destinations

As we're in the height of fruit season and have two new fruity additions this week, we thought we'd transport you to some travel destinations that each one reminds us of. You can chop and change our charms depending on your mood, your outfit or your location with our mix 'n' match hoops - so here's some inspiration on charms to take with you on your travels, as well as some stunning places to add to your bucket list...

Warning: This post will make you want to live your best life, travel the world and eat good food.

Lemons: Sicily

When we think of lemons, we think of Italy. Think Pasta Limone, Limoncello and climbing lemon vines in Sicily. The rich volcanic soil around Mount Etna produce the tart but sweet taste that Sicilian lemons are famous for.

Limes: Tulum

This zesty fruit takes us straight to Tulum in Mexico, with margaritas, ceviche and fresh cod tacos. It's been said that the purpose of squeezing limes on Mexican food is to help cut through the spicyness. It's also used as a natural insect repellent!

Strawberries: English Countryside

We may be biased but Strawberries remind us of the English countryside and quaint villages in Somerset, Kent or Norfolk. Strawberries are also the most popular fruit here in the UK closely followed by red grapes.

Peaches: China

Did you know peaches originated in China? The peach is a symbol of good luck, protection, and longevity; and some Chinese brides decorate their hair with peach flowers for their wedding ceremonies!

Watermelon: Turkey

Watermelons transports us to the Mediterranean, specifically to Manavgat, Turkey where they hold a watermelon festival each year. The fruit is mostly eaten on its own as a refreshing snack in the sun but is also used in salads with feta cheese and fresh mint.

Pomegranates: Marrakech

Pomegranates make us think of the Middle East whether in a Tabouleh salad, Tagines or even just the juice itself as a beverage. Fun fact: Pomegranates are used as a herbal remedy in Morocco by drying the skin in the sun and grinding it into a powder to help aid digestive health.

Oranges: Portugal

Did you know that the word for Orange is 'Portugal' in some languages? The Algarve in the South of Portugal is known for it's orange trees and is the perfect climate to grow sweet, juicy oranges.